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EVO Fitness Weightlifting Head Harness Gym Straps Neck Dip with Heavy Duty Steel (EVO-04)

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This heavy duty EVO Fitness Weightlifting Head Harness is dependable sportive equipment that every weightlifter should have. It is designed in a perfect shape with a durable nickel coated chain and a gel padded strap that supports the neck and works on enhancing the muscles of the upper back area. Don't miss EVO Fitness Weightlifting Head Harness, as it is the right thing to use if you need proper strengthening to the muscles of your neck and upper back. With our head harness, you don't have to worry about neck injuries during exercise, as long as you know how to use this device. Use our heavy duty head harness in three sets of at least 10 repetitions of head lifting twice a week and you will get stronger neck muscles and start to realize how they develop and grow obviously bigger.

Head harnesses are athletic devices used by weightlifters in order to empower and intensify the neck muscles. They are usually made of durable fabrics and are expected to lift weight that is up to more than a hundred kilograms. Other body parts that get enhanced as a result of the use of a head harness include shoulders, upper back muscles and the upper part of the spine cord. The steel chain that suspends from the straps is what carries the weight which works on strengthening the muscles in the mentioned areas. With repeated exercises of lifting weight using the head harness, the pressure of resistance, which occurs due to weightlifting, tightens the muscles and builds them up. The importance of having strong neck muscles is not just to achieve a fit and attractive strong look, but it also helps to protect this area from any possible injuries that a weightlifter may encounter during other exercises.

The main motive for men to practice and perform weightlifting is to develop their muscles and strengthen them in a way that tones their bodies an a strong and attractive muscular shape. And neck muscles are the most obvious ones that may not be covered by clothes unlike the rest of the body muscles, so that is why weightlifters pay specific attention to this area. Always be sure that you are using good quality sports equipments that you can depend on.

Key Product Features

  • There is an adjustable strap with a Velcro closing system on this head harness.
  • EVO Fitness Weightlifting Head harness has heavy duty saddle stitching.
  • It has lift straps that can sustain hard work and are padded with GEL internally.
  • The straps support the upper back area and the neck in a proper way that provides comfort.
  • The head harness has an adjustable steel chain which is coated with nickel.
  • 20% off.

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