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Evo Fitness Maya Leather Boxing Gloves MMA Sparring Punch Bag (EVO-02)

Availability: In stock

EVO Fitness Boxing Gloves are made with a Mesh interior that allows internal air flow.

The interiors are padded and layered with foam to absorb shocks and protect hands.

The gloves can be firmly fastened on the hands with a Velcro closure system.

EVO Fitness Boxing Gloves are made from the best quality Maya Leather.

They are sold in pairs, and come in a beautiful yellow color with black and white.


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EVO Fitness proudly presents these boxing gloves that every boxing player must have. They are made of high quality Maya Leather, which can endure long hours of training and continuous play. The gloves are internally made of Mesh fabrics, which is essential for letting air flow properly into the interiors and provide sufficient ventilation to the hands. EVO Fitness Boxing Gloves will close around the wrists with a Velcro closing style that will be firm yet comfortable on the hands, and they won't slip. Additionally, the gloves are supplied with extra layers of foam beneath its surface to protect the hands adequately and absorb any strong shocks. Buying this pair of gloves is what every boxing player should do if he is looking for a durable, heavy duty, comfortable and dependable product.

Wearing boxing gloves is very important for anyone who wants to practice on a punching bag or even during a boxing game. Without the gloves, a player will certainly hurt his hands, and may also have his knuckles broken, or break a finger or two. Punching bags can be very hard and would definitely hurt bad if hit without sufficient protection. It is advised to wear hand wraps beneath the boxing gloves to be fully prepared and be able to endure any strong shocks. EVO Fitness Boxing Gloves will supply the player with ample protection to his hands and absorb any powerful shocks due to their gel padded interior and extra foam layers that will support the knuckles throughout the boxing session.

Physical exercises can reduce stress to those who practice them on a regular basis. For example, boxing players experience feelings of relief and comfort after practicing this sport, whether in a training session or in a game against an opponent. Boxing helps to get rid of any negative energy inside the body and the mind, which will result in a complete release of stress and discomfort. Furthermore, being well-prepared for a boxing game with the accurate sports equipments will definitely pay off. Purchase our boxing gloves today and you won't regret adding these durable and trustworthy sports aids to your gym accessories.

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