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Evo Fitness Ladies Pink REX Leather Boxing Gloves GEL MMA Punch Bag (EVO-03)

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Special Price: £11.99

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A good boxing game requires the right athletic items to ensure that the player will enjoy a safe and comfortable game for as long as it takes. EVO Fitness Ladies Pink Gel Boxing Gloves are presented to all the ladies out there who seek uniqueness and care to find the sportive items that are dependable and worth every penny. Purchase these lovely lady-like boxing gloves from EVO Fitness and be sure that you will receive a shock absorbent foam padded pair of gloves that will give you the best boxing experience ever.

Unlike what is generally known about this sport, boxing is not just for tough guys, but it is appropriate for the ladies as well due to its ability to provide them with the wanted results about weight loss, body agility, building up muscles and more. Actually, boxing is very suitable for the ladies because, on a constant routine of boxing, a woman's body starts to be more toned than muscular, unlike some other regimes such as weight lifting, which entirely focuses on building up muscles. Boxing is not just about attacking an opponent with one's fists, but it is actually a sport that involves a full-body work out. With regular performances, boxing can reshape a woman's body in the way that satisfies her, due to the fact that it involves repeated exercising that can burn fats on the lower part of her body.

To conclude, playing sports on a regular basis influences the body fat percentage and manages to reduce it to a minimal level. With continuous exercise, the body starts to be shaped into a slimmer figure and gets rid of all the unwanted extra calories and stored fats. This may be the strongest motivation that drives women to embark on physical activity that varies from aerobics to playing team-player games, such as basketball, volleyball and football. Ladies who constantly play sports have their energy level boosted, which enhances their immunity system and their mental performance to a notable degree, Additionally, sports tend to shape the body of a lady into an attractive and healthy muscular body that can fight most illnesses and at the same time look great.

Key Product Features

  • EVO Fitness Ladies Pink Gloves are exclusively made for women in a girlie chic color.
  • The gloves are designed to absorb strong attacks and protect the player's hands.
  • There are air openings on each glove in order to enable air flow to the hands.
  • Leather of the finest quality is the material that was used to make these gloves.
  • They are supplied with a Loop Velcro closing system to prevent them from slipping.
  • 20% off.

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