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Evo Fitness Elbow Pads Guard Elasticated Support For MMA Martial Arts Boxing Volleyball (EVO-09)

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EVO Fitness Elbow Pads are light and comfortable sportive items that provide the best exercising experiences.

The outer layer is made of elastic poly cotton, which makes them fit properly on elbows.

The elastic fabric enables the pads to stay intact on the elbows area.

EVO Fitness Elbow Pads are padded with foam to provide more protection.

Regular Price: £7.99

Special Price: £5.99

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EVO Fitness Elbow Pads have everything that an athletic person is looks for. They are certainly going to add the needed amount of safety to any sport where the hands, feet, knees or elbows are used. Put them on for a more comfortable, enjoyable and safer exercising experience during your next cycling routine or your Judo game and you'll thank us for it later! EVO Fitness Elbows Pads should be in every athletic person's collection of sportive items. These magnificent elbow pads are made with fabrics that will protect you from injuries, absorb any unwanted moisture and fit perfectly on your elbows so that they won't slip and make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way.

Martial arts are types of sports in which a player fights with hands and feet. Judo and Karate are examples of such fighting sports, which build up strength and enhance the body's agility. Martial arts had developed from Eastern countries many years ago. Among the several benefits of playing such games, is that is can train a person to have important defensive skills and attacking abilities that can be really beneficial in case these is a chance of any danger. Another known kind of fighting games is the boxing, where two opponents play against each other and start attacks using their fists wearing special gloves made specifically for this sport. These games train the body to be stronger and muscular and at the same time can help a people defend themselves against any sudden attacks.

Apart from such extreme games, cycling is considered a physical exercise that can be performed among a group or singularly. It is not just a way to transport from one place to another, but also a constant exercise that focuses on the knees and the lower body. Cycling is a healthy sport, which does not cost much to regularly play it. Additionally, a biker can park his bike anywhere without having to worry about a relatively big parking lot, like car drivers do. Moreover, bikes are not a source of any type of pollution, which is another positive thing about them. Bikers definitely need to feel comfortable during cycling, that is why it is important to invest in good elbow pads, knee pads and also helmets.

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