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Evo Fitness Gym Gloves Weightlifting GEL Support Straps Cycling wheelchair (EVO-07)

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The gloves are made in several colors, which give them an elegant look.

EVO Fitness Cycling Gloves are designed to suit both for men and women.

The gloves are fingerless, which provides easier exercising experiences.

The "EVO Fitness" logo is elegantly printed over the wrists area on both gloves.

Both palms are gel padded, which would enable a safer workout routine.

Evo Fitness Cycling Gloves are sold in their original packaging, brand-new.

The materials used in making these elegant gloves are mesh and amara of the best quality.

Regular Price: £5.99

Special Price: £4.49



EVO Fitness Cycling, Weightlifting gloves are unisex sportive items that can help you and your significant other or best friend from the opposite sex enjoy a productive sporty day. They are multicolored, which makes them easily match any sportswear colors in your wardrobe. The gloves are designed in a manner to help provide you with sufficient safety during your exercising routines. For example, they are padded with soft fabrics on the palms of each glove so that they would protect your hands from any potential wounds or injuries during a cycling or a weight lifting routine. Moreover, it is guaranteed that you will be receiving this pair in the best condition as they are brand-new items, and you will get them in their original packaging with the original tags attached to them.

Generally, many people consider cycling as a highly reliable and economical mode of transportation. As a matter of fact, there are some places in the world that solely depend on bikes as means of transit. Additionally, cycling is a healthy sport that provides bikers with continuous physical exercise which strengthens the muscles of all the significant body parts. Another sport that plays an important part in muscles growth is weight lifting. It is practiced by both genders to mainly develop power and enlarge the size of their muscles. A man or a woman can do so by carrying heavy objects, such as dumbbells, with the help of a personal trainer sometimes, and use the force of the heave weight to focus the pressure on the muscles.

And according to the fact that such sports are performed by both men and women, designers create sportive items that can be used by both sexes to help them perform their exercises more efficiently and also provide a better, safer and much enjoyable experience. Unisex sportswear can be easier to choose, and the great aspect about it is that it is not exclusive to a specific gender; hence it becomes a priority among several other solely masculine or feminine products. For instance, a sportive couple may prefer to buy two unisex gloves, such as our EVO Fitness Cycling, Gym Weightlifting gloves, which will give them a feeling of unity and enable them to share an elegant sporty item together.

Customer Reviews

Exciting Review by bright
This was the product I was looking for. I really enjoyed the gloves. Material is very fine. (Posted on 02/07/2014)
Great Product Review by Boomer
Provided promised features. Great quality. (Posted on 29/05/2014)

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