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Evo Fitness Neoprene GEL Boxing MMA Gloves (EVO-56)

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Regular Price: £7.99

Special Price: £5.99

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Regular Price: £7.99

Special Price: £5.99

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The great thing about EVO Fitness Neoprene GEL Boxing MMA Gloves is that they are provided with specific features that make them the most suitable sportive items for fighting games such as martial arts or boxing. A player in any of those games can always depend on EVO Fitness GEL Boxing MMA Gloves due to the fact that they provide the required support and protection that help one play games as such without getting hurt or severely harmed. Since these games primarily depend on using the hands, it is very important for a player to have his hands properly protected. That is why this pair of gloves is the perfect sportive item for a martial arts or a boxing player due to its high durability and shock absorption, a thing that makes it live longer and provide needed support during game play or exercise.

Martial arts are fighting games that developed many years ago in Eastern countries, where players use their hands, knees, feet and elbows to perform fighting moves against an opponent. Among the countries that played martial arts games centuries ago, are Egypt, China, India, UK and Greece. There are different kinds of martial arts games, for instance, there are unarmed games and also the weapon-themed ones. Examples of unarmed games include boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo and wrestling. Weapon-themed martial arts are games that entail using bladed weapons, melee weapons and archery. As a matter of fact, such games tend to have a very beneficial effect on their players' physical and mental health. Additionally, martial arts boost one's spiritual health and help one maintain a proper emotional balance.

The benefits of practicing martial arts games are actually countless. A martial arts player, with regular training and practice of any of such games, will notably start to maintain better health and have a stronger heart, which is going to be immune to heart attacks, due to the fact that martial arts routines enhance the cardiovascular system completely. Moreover, the player can rapidly lose any extra and unwanted weight in a short course of time with sufficient exercise. A single hour of martial arts training is enough to burn up to 500 calories, which means that you do not have to deprive yourself from everything you like to eat. Make only a few modifications to your daily diet and, with continuous physical exercise, you would get a toned body shape.

Key Product Features

  • EVO Fitness MMA Gloves are provided with a Velcro closing system, which guarantees that they won't slip.
  • The gloves provide a high level of protection to the hands during exercise.
  • The knuckles are extra padded with 10 mm Gel to support this area on the player's hands.
  • These gloves are perfect for martial arts games and also boxing, because they protect the hands sufficiently.
  • The EVO Fitness logo is printed on the knuckles and on the wrists, adding an elegant color contrast with their black color.
  • 25% Discount.

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